Writing professionally since 2001 both independently and as part of Brakeman Design Group, my work has served varied functions in marketing and internal and external development for nonprofit and for-profit entities alike. My experience includes ad copy, newsletters, brochures, grant writing from concept to report, drafting strategic plans and other foundational organizational documents, and internal development materials such as handbooks and manuals.

My process prioritizes collaboration and is based in thorough research and fidelity to accessibility. When I’m writing for you I don’t want the work to sound like me, I want it to sound like you. My work is the conduit to connect your voice to those you hope to reach. Contact me for freelance writing work. References available upon request.

My creative work materializes in many formats, short and longform fiction, nonfiction, screenplays, and lyrics for various musical projects. My short fiction can be seen at Smokelong Quarterly, Lost Balloon, and The Collagist.