06/11/22: Kalamazoo, MIBell’s Eccentric Cafew/ Casket Lottery + 84 Tigers
6/09/22: Kalamazoo, MIFactory Coffeew/ Suck City + The DiTrani Brothers
09/11/21: Mattawan, MIPretty Lake Camp — OutdoorsPRF 5/Annual Benefit
01/11/20: Kalamazoo, MIBell’s Eccentric CafeWhales, Petrillo
01/10/20: Chicago, ILDC ToriumWhales, Daddy’s Boy
12/06/19: Chicago, IL88.5 WHPK FMSewing Needle, Terriers
11/04/19: Kalamazoo, MI89.1 WIDR FMBasement Show
09/01/19: South Bend, INHouse Show (private)The Rutabega, Ecso, Ko
08/31/19: Madison, WICommunication MadisonRegal Machines, Hex House
08/30/19: Chicago, ILWrigleyville Bar?Hungry Man, Fucker Jr.,
Regal Machines
08/29/19: Kalamazoo, MIRose Gold Coffee ShopPetrillo, Photo-Curio, Regal Machines
06/09/19: Chicago, ILWorkshop 4200Bands: PRF BBQ 2019
05/30/19: Kalamazoo, MIVNAThe Rutabega, Andy Cohen & Light Coma
04/14/19: Kalamazoo, MIShakespeare’s PubGouge Away, Slow Mass,
The Bookbinder
02/21/19: Kalamazoo, MIMilhouseRIP Milhouse Fest
02/09/19: Chicago, ILBurlington Bar ??Mint Mile, Photo-Curio
01/10/19: Kalamazoo, MIBell’s Eccentric CaféMoss Jaw, Peach Lavendar
10/05/18: Mattawan, MIPretty Lake CampPRF Campout 3
09/02/18: Kalamazoo, MIShakespeare’s PubWORK, Sewing Needle,
Moss Jaw
09/01/18: Chicago, ILSpace ProductionsThe Cell Phones, WORK,
The Columbines,
08/31/18:Milwaukee, WIHigh DiveWORK, The Ornerys
07/29/18: Chicago, IL HideoutMartha’s Vineyard Ferries,
06/22/18: Chicago, ILWorkshop 4200PRF BBQ: The Summering
04/15/18: Kalamazoo, MIShakespeare’s PubSpanish Love Songs,
MakeWar, Pack Sounds,
Team Two
03/08/18: Kalamazoo, MIShakespeare’s PubPetrillo, The God Eaters
03/04/18: Chicago, ILBurlington BarSewing Needle, Andrew
Cohen & Light Coma,
03/04/18: Racine, WIBitterfestBands +
02/03/18: Racine, WIEvelen’sBody Futures, Glacial Speed
02/02/18: Milwaukee, WICactus ClubBody Futures, Glacial Speed
01/14/18: Kalamazoo, MIShakespeare’s PubFirst Responders, Pariah,
Rented Rooms
12/09/17: Kalamazoo, MIBell’s Eccentric CaféLess is More,
Purple Lemurs
11/02/17: Kalamazoo, MIShakespeare’s PubLongface, Moss Jaw,
The Krelboynes
10/20/17: Mattawan, MIPretty Lake CampPRF Campout 2
10/02/17: Grand Rapids, MIPyramid SchemePILE,
The Ampersand Castles
09/28/17: Kalamazoo, MILouie’sDead Rider, Spirits Rejoice
09/15/17: Chicago, ILQuencher’sPhantom Works,
Imelda Marcos
09/07/17: Kalamazoo, MIWestnedge ParkAlready Dead
Family Reunion 7
09/03/17: Louisville, KY???PRF SOUTH
08/26/17: Kalamazoo, MIShakespeare’s PubLower Leisure Class ,
07/03/17: Columbus, OHTree BarThe Kyle Sowashes,
Nate Farley
07/02/17: Peekskill, NYThe RedlineLeast Less Beast,
Whiskey Neat
07/01/17: New York, NYThe DelancyRisk Reward, Knolls,
The James Rocket
06/30/17: Cincinnati, OHThe Listing LoonDisaster Class
06/10/17: Dubuque, IA???Wedding reception,
The Cell Phones
06/09/17: Milwaukee, WIBouncelandPRF BBQ
05/29/17: South Bend, INSeitz Park  Mint Mile, Rutabaga,
Infinite Buffalo
05/28/17: Chicago, ILTownshipMint Mile, Andrew Cohen & Light Coma, The Rutabaga
05/16/17: Kalamazoo, MIShakespeare’s PubSee Through Dresses,
Typesetter, Guppy,
O.P. Tornados
04/10/17: Kalamazoo, MIShakespeare’s PubThe Rutabega,
The Bismarck, Korean Jeans
04/09/17: South Bend, INThe General Deli & CafeThe Rutabega ,
The Bismarck, Korean Jeans
03/11/17: Kalamazoo, MIBell’s Eccentric CaféBonehawk, Jake Simmons
and the Little Ghosts
01/15/17: Chicago, ILTownshipStomatopod, Mint Mile,
Photo Curio
01/14/17: Kalamazoo, MIShakespeare’s PubYWCA Benefit: Pariah,
Stomatopod, Santino Jones
11/13/16: Kalamazoo, MIMilhouseHellrazor, Katy Needs a Life
10/23/16: Mattawan, MI  Pretty Lake CampPRF Campout 1
08/01/16: Chicago, ILTownshipSmall Awesome, Petrillo,
Hungry Man
07/31/16: Milwaukee, WICactus ClubBody Futures, Petrillo,
Hungry Man
07/30/16: Marquette, MISekoitus Independent
Music Festival
Petrillo, Hungry Man
07/12/16: Kalamazoo, MILouie’sDålek, No Bails, Plagues
06/27/16: Kalamazoo, MICasa MonaTrue F.O., Soul Glo
05/14/16: Grand Rapids, MIPyramid SchemeSmall Brown Bike,
Cheap Girls ,
The Cardboard Swords
05/08/16: Kalamazoo, MIMilhousePILE, Longface,
Anybody But the Cops
03/09/16: Kalamazoo, MISatellite RecordsMaple Stave, Sinker
02/20/16: Escanaba, MITHUNDERSNOWBands +
01/13/16: Kalamazoo, MIMilhousePetrillo, Turkish Hens
12/12/15: Chicago, ILQuencher’sStomatopod, Bully Pulpit,
Burn Permits
12/11/15: Kalamazoo, MIOUT HOUSE1st Show w/ Stomatopod
PHOTO: Liz Bustamante • 12/12/15 • Quenchers • Chicago, IL
OUT is TJ, Ike, ML, & Chafe. Photo by Ru Hensley. Sometime in 2019, right?