As an illustrator I have resisted the digital tools for decades because—for one thing—the learning curve seemed too steep.  I won’t kid you, it is, but Chafe Hensley is the best of Sherpa guides on that climb to the top. Chafe is smart, personable, multi-talented and—most importantly for techno-beginners like myself—patient and willing to explain things 20 different ways, if necessary, ’till I get it. As an added bonus, he speaks “Art”, which for me is a real boon, since sharing a common language breeds compatibility.

— David Small, Author & Illustrator | davidsmallbooks.com

Currently, I teach digital illustration and animation at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts and provide freelance tutoring services in digital applications.

From 2008–13, I was an instructor of graphic design and digital illustration at Kalamazoo Valley Community College’s Center for New Media. I designed and honed curriculum in art and new media, earning a few awards along the way.

If you need someone skilled and patient to help you navigate the inscrutable universe of Adobe Creative Suite and Procreate®, please contact me. We can discuss rates and options.