Currently, I work as a graphic specialist at the Kalamazoo Public Library, and I freelance tutor in design applications. Please contact me if you need someone skilled and patient to help you navigate the sometimes inscrutable universe of Adobe Creative Suite and Procreate, give me a shout. We can talk rates and options.

From 2008–13, I taught at Kalamazoo Valley Community College’s Center for New Media, and created honed curriculum with a focus in graphic design and digital illustration, earning a few awards along the way.


As an illustrator I have resisted the digital tools for decades because—for one thing—the learning curve seemed too steep.  I won’t kid you, it is, but Chafe Hensley is the best of Sherpa guides on that climb to the top. Chafe is smart, personable, multi-talented and—most importantly for techno-beginners like myself—patient and willing to explain things 20 different ways, if necessary, ’till I get it. As an added bonus, he speaks “Art”, which for me is a real boon, since sharing a common language breeds compatibility.

— David Small, Author & Illustrator | davidsmallbooks.com