That’s my name, Chafe. I’ve spent the last few decades honing my crafts, failing some tasks, learning and growing amidst an abundance of deadlined micro-panics to questioning my decision to come back to the U.S after a brief stint in Germany many years ago … oh, that’s right … I had to find my bestie and co-raise a strong human together to build our fortress of love, empathy and respect. I had to find my person. Her name is Anne and she’s equal part in this Weirder journey. We raised Ruby, they’re on their own now, but fiercely connected and questing on their young life journey that we get to share in creatively as well. I am very lucky and don’t take my luxury for granted.

Thanks for taking the time. Art is what we do, what we need for our minds to conquer fear and to distract from and connect with pain. Art preserves youth. Art is peace.
Art is a voracious catalyst. Art is love. Art is for all of us.