Welcome, weirdo.

Hey, good people of Earth. Chafe (and Anne*), here. We’re excited to launch our new website. Anne and I are active creators and collaborators in Kalamazoo, Michigan (free college tuition, celery, origins of Gibson Guitars, Elvis at the Burger King). We’re always looking to try something new and to work with and support others along their artistic and academic journeys. (Collaboration is our mode made manifest in many formats. Let’s all make things together forever and ever.)

WW grew out of a desire to share a digital space together (finally, after sharing varied actual spaces for 25 years). Anne and I just celebrated our twenty-year wedding anniversary in August 2019 (we did, which feels both impossible and elating), so we thought it was a good time to anchor our creative partnership online.

(Here I would like to point out that you may be wondering why “weirder” and, more specifically, why I called you a weirdo. It’s counterintuitive but true: the specifics of how we differ, person to person, are the exact sites that ignite our humanity. Those deviations we often fear exposing are precisely where we connect. Weird doesn’t have to look freaky. Weird is simply the individual, and expression is most potent when it’s a detailed demonstration of the individual. The weird in us is the source of generative collaboration, and we need generative collaboration, weirdos. We need it acutely.)

(We welcome your perusal and hope you enjoy.) Connect with us. Hire us. Work with us. Make with us. Get weirder.

*Parenthetical inserts reflect the views of Anne and may or may not represent Chafe’s perspective

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