Anne Ruins: Sundays

Say it’s the kind of Sunday afternoon that is lush and verdant and misty and pleasantly warm and your backyard flower garden is at the height of summer bloom and you don’t have to go in to work or even answer email if you don’t want to and your partner has just made you a delicious lunch and you are drinking coffee and waiting to hear from the pathologist whether your dog has meningitis (treatable) or a brain tumor (not), here are some tasks that might distract you:


Making a yellow curry with barley

Obsessing over your burgeoning countertop monarch caterpillar farm

Watching many hours of stand-up comedy

Deciding where to hang your TEAM MENINGITIS sign

Walking to the grocery store to buy plums

Trying to force yourself to stop thinking you’ve contracted meningitis from your dog

Cleaning up monarch caterpillar pooh

Learning a cover of a Cyndi Lauper song

Trying to write a short story

Writing dirty poems to make your friends laugh

Harvesting more monarch caterpillar eggs to add to your farm

Salt ‘n’ Pepa kitchen dance party